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Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) is a therapeutic approach to reducing anti-social behaviour in young people aged 11 – 17 years.  It aims to help families with young people identified as being on a trajectory to care entry and/ or custody to keep their families together, and empower them to remain together in the future.  Therapists work intensively with all the systems around a young person (e.g. families, carers, schools, other professionals and local communities) to develop and align intervention plans to achieve positive outcomes for the young person.
Leeds has city-wide MST Standard coverage, as well as operating two adaptations to the MST model; MST Child Abuse and Neglect (MST-CAN), which focuses on the causes of child protection concerns including substance misuse and trauma, and MST Family Integrated Transitions (MST-FIT) which focuses on working with young people and their parents/ carers in a therapeutic residential setting with the aim of facilitating successful reunification.
The extensive MST offer in Leeds represents a significant investment in evidence-based, restorative and therapeutic support for young people and their families.

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