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The LRPC aims to promote children’s services sector-led improvement through the power of relationship-based practice, and co-ordinates Leeds’s work as a Partner in Practice with other local authorities, as well as our Strengthening Families Protecting Children (SFPC) programme.
Leeds has been through its own improvement journey over the last decade, from an inadequate Ofsted inspection in 2009 to the 2018 Ofsted inspection which judged Leeds Children and Families as outstanding. We benefitted from the time and expertise of other local authorities, academics and organisations across the children’s services sector, and we want to pass this on and share what we have learned through our own journey, as well as making valuable contributions to the conversation and the evidence base around Restorative and Relational Practice within children’s services.
Whilst the Leeds improvement journey was one of whole-systems change, with interdependencies between all of our strands of work, there are a number of approaches and ways of working which we found particularly helpful. Further information can be found in our Resources Hub, and we have a regular programme of learning events to share information about these approaches in more details.
Leeds is one of three local authorities selected by the Department for Education to rollout our Innovations programmes with other local authorities across the country as part of the five-year Strengthening Families Protecting Children programme. Leeds Family Valued was an approach that helped Leeds to move further and faster to embed restorative practice as a way of being and working across the whole city, not just children’s services, and supported meaningful investment in restorative services and approaches for families, such as Family Group Conferences (FGC). We are now working with other local authorities, selected in partnership with the Department for Education, to establish the right culture for restorative approaches to flourish, to implement these approaches effectively and to support the delivery of tangible improvement and whole-systems change. For more information about our Strengthening Families Protecting Children work, please see the SFPC page of the website, or contact us at [email protected].

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Children’s Services Hub

The LRPC co-ordinates sector-led improvement work in Leeds as part of our Partner in Practice status. We have benefitted from the expertise of other local authorities and academics over the last decade. The LRPC aims to share our knowledge and contribute to the evidence base in Children’s Services.


Please see the About Us page for more details of direct support we can offer to local authorities. If you have any further questions about the work of the LRPC, please get in touch via the contact details on this page.


Strengthening Families Protecting Children Programme

The Strengthening Families Protecting Children Programme utilises services that draw on existing strengths and relationships in the wider family network to keep families together. Involving each family in the process is key. This includes widening the availability of family group conferences, a service that engages families in the processes of devising effective plans for children while also providing them with support.



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